Offensive Artwork!!

Here are some pics from my recent trip to both GETTY Museums in LA.  The Villa is chill because its like walking through Rome Italy.  I only say that because I have been to Italy.  The gardens in both museum are dope though.  Below are some things I found funny about some the art from a certain era.  Ill point them out below.IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3361 This baby getting fingered is hilariously disturbing.  The lady is doing a look away while tickling this baby nuts sacks. LOL  Must have been before the pacifier was invented.IMG_3365This baby is like “Yeah..Im just gone lean on this titty.  This my t#tty old n#gga!”IMG_3368 This baby is like “B#tch Im a grown ass baby, F#ck you talking bout?  You can suck dis baby d#ck B#tch”IMG_3369 I didn’t know they were drinking SIZZURP back in the day!!!IMG_3366 I noticed every statue has a d#ck on it, even the animals.  Its like who ever had final say so on the approval of the statues was like  “NO! Screw the nose its perfect….just slap a d#ck on it and your done!”IMG_3362 This bed is huge but its dope as hell.IMG_4223

Gimme my Props!!

I survived this trip!! Thank GOD! I was on a SMALL propeller plane recently, and to let you know how small it was, my feet could actually touch the pilot. This was the smallest and scariest plane ride Ive ever been on. I thought the wind was going to smack it out of the sky but its actually the smoothest ride I’ve ever been on. Its like riding in an ol’ school car but in the sky! Almost felt like a private jet, almost…


On my Endeavors

I know Im late but I recently saw the space shuttle.  It looks different up close than it does in person TV.  Looks like its made out of a bunch of flame resistant bathroom tiles. LOL They didn’t even put any clear coat on it.  The technology is still amazing though!!!IMG_3152 IMG_3160 IMG_3155 IMG_3156 IMG_3157

The L.A. Lifestyle!!!

Pics from Eric Andre Birthday Party. This was a kids party with drugs, LOL. Peek the pictures to see how insane this party actually was.

Me and Cornell Reid on Nitros Oxide like we are walking into a rap video!!

He had Rock and Roll Clowns!!!


Goats were involved….



Santa Clause and Weed!!!


Nitros Oxide and Either!!!



N#ggas on Camels!!!


Camel Taking a Fat Sh#t!



Muthaf#cking Pixies!!!

GoGo Dancers

Fat Strippers

Last Comic Standing Winner Felipe Esparza and his Wife.


Loud Village DJ Jeremy Burke.

The Lucas Brothers

Actor Lamorne Morris.

A “Prius Cup Holder”


What do you think about this?

First off happy new year, Im back in Les Angeles after being gone a month and for my first blog I wanted to take it there. I saw this video on Jimmy Ouyang website, check him out he’s funny. Tell me what are your thoughts about this shit.

Why I Do Not work with Animals! Yet

This is the reason why I dont work with animals and why I will never adopt an animal with a past I do not know about. Who schedule an interview in the middle of of his sparing section. First let me describe whats funny to me. This big ass Kangaroo has on BOXING GLOVES..Ol School boxing gloves, that lets you know he can fight. Two, he is being held with a ROPE, a SMALL ROPE not a HANG A NIGGA ROPE. Third, I think he hate white women or he is a SEXIST, because he is after this bitch. Its like he’s been looking at a poster of her all week. She says its a comedy act. “JOKES ON YOU BITCH” SLAP. This Kangaroo whip her ass and her husband ass. ANOTHER FUNNY thing is this kangaroo has TECHNIQUE. Do yo see when he is being held up and starts shadow boxing, that is my favorite part. AND not to mention he is LANDING PUNCHES. LOL..AND KICKS. this is definitly one for the books., ask yo Momma

My Popular Mechanics

Look at this beautiful headshot, looks like a model right, WRONG..This is HRP-4C A.K.A. love me long time. Standing at just over 5-feet tall and the wieght of a supermodel on cocaine, she was developed by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The funny thing is I got accepted into this school because they need black students but decided to stay state side because the Japanese flag looks like period panties. The asian persuasin features 30 motors spread throughout its body with an additional eight motors in its face for expressing general boredom and disgust. This is the first robot with the “NIGGA PLEASE” Look. LOL so life like.. The first picture is when you tell her you have the biggest penis she ever seen, and the second picture is when you show her you have the biggest penis she ever seen…LOL cause she never seen one before..

Its main purpose is entertainment and to attract crowds much like its fleshy counterparts — so don’t expect home cooked meals and laundry service should you take the $200,000 and doesnt cook, clean or do of sexual favors. Unfortunately, HRP-4C didn’t function as planned opening day. Reports say that the robot, “kept looking surprised, opening its mouth and eyes in a stunned expression, like it saw its first Def Jam episode….

Here is a video of what it does which is basically the electric slide. I dont think its a good buy for $200,000, when yo can buy an REAL asian woman for a 80 bucks.