Meldrick from the CHI

Thanks to TV Guide that mentioned Meldrick as a character that they like, also the Chicago Tribune for an extended article about Meldrick.  Last but not least, I got a MOTHERF#CKIN MEME!!  This is crazy!!!  TUNE IN SUNDAYS!!

A Nice Vintige Look

A couple pieces from my homeboys’ in Atlanta clothing line called VINTIGE Check them out! We all started at the bottom and decided to follow our dreams! Well guess what, “The Dream Is Real”


I invented a word!!!! My favorite part is when they state that “This word was articulate by” me!!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 7.30.23 PM

An Intimate Evening!!

If you are in the Los Angeles area next Tues and you are free, come see what everyone is talking about!! LOL NerdMelt Showroom off Sunset Blvd.

My 1st Late Night Television Set!!!!

Oh my God, Why do I look 12 years old? Its hard watching yourself on TV. Thanks to Pete Holmes and his wonderful staff. I had a great time delivering some my favorite bits! The interview was fun also.