The Motoring Journal

Its an absolute honor to be featured in Volume 5 of The Motoring Club’s The Motoring Journal. John Chuldenko approached me while I was prepping for my comedy special and asked how many shows I could do in a night. I told him if I had a fast car I could do 6. So he secures a car from my favorite auto manufacturers Porsche and interviews me as I chirp around town from show to show while John Ryan Heberttakes some amazing photos. He told me that it would be featured in the The Motoring Journal which was cool because I just did a tour of The Motoring Club.

Of course none of this would have be possible with out the full support of the bookers and shows. Thanks to Paige Schaeffer from Hollywood Improv, Kara Klenk from @betterhalfcomedy, Joesh_savage and Abdullah Saeed from, Steve Hernandez from Hernia, and Emilie Laford from The World Famous Comedy Store

Thanks to all that made this possible. This is a great gift to arrive home to. Pick up a copy of volume 5 of The Motoring Journal today and Ill autograph one when I see you!

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