Colbert Pics

These are behind the scenes pics from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Shout Out to everyone involved and to the other comics that taped that night.

Yo tonight is special because I make my CBS late night debut on @colbertlateshow at 11:30 pm.

S/O to Jessica Pilot for fighting to get my sh#t on network TV. She’s passionate about her work and understands the craft of comedy.

Typical Hollywood story! I was doing a sh#tty set in the Hollywood Improv Lab when Jessica Pilot was introduced to me by Amy Hawthorne. I was meant to close out the show but the person she came to see was running a little late so they threw me up to stall until he got there. She liked what she saw and she was passionate about seeing me shine. “I don’t have a clean set”. But she pushed for me and me and CBS legal managed to meet in the middle!

S/O to every stage that let me work out to prepare for this set. S/O to all the staff of the late show and everyone one else that taped that night. @erinpatriceobrien for memory capture!

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