Mexico and the Pyramid Player

If my travels were a mushroom trip then Teotihuacan was my breakthrough point. Im in an ancient pyramid learning about the relationship between the Universe and man and it aligns with how I internally and spiritually experience things. The moment when you discover who you are / what you are, the journey of self without Ancestry can tell you where you are from, DNA wise or who you are DNA wise, but they can fully tell you who you are. How connected you are to EVERYTHING!! Such a great experience to have before you go to a restaurant in a cave and be afraid to drink the water. These stones were man-made and people traveled 80 miles with volcanic stones on their back. Wondered if they drunk the water….. Peep the pics below

On top of Pyramid of the Moon!

Booed up with my partner in crime!

We are about to pig out at the famous La Gruta restaurant!

In a boutique store asking the comedy to bless my Aztec calendar sweater!  Im a fan of cultural appropriation.

Angel of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma


Beautiful view of  Paseo de la Reforma

On set in Pachuca MX

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