Why I Do Not work with Animals! Yet

This is the reason why I dont work with animals and why I will never adopt an animal with a past I do not know about. Who schedule an interview in the middle of of his sparing section. First let me describe whats funny to me. This big ass Kangaroo has on BOXING GLOVES..Ol School boxing gloves, that lets you know he can fight. Two, he is being held with a ROPE, a SMALL ROPE not a HANG A NIGGA ROPE. Third, I think he hate white women or he is a SEXIST, because he is after this bitch. Its like he’s been looking at a poster of her all week. She says its a comedy act. “JOKES ON YOU BITCH” SLAP. This Kangaroo whip her ass and her husband ass. ANOTHER FUNNY thing is this kangaroo has TECHNIQUE. Do yo see when he is being held up and starts shadow boxing, that is my favorite part. AND not to mention he is LANDING PUNCHES. LOL..AND KICKS. this is definitly one for the books. ByronBowerslive.com, ask yo Momma

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