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This house contains 3 w’s I like, Windows, Water, and Woods.

It has an asian/modern feel to it to me and you can stare at the Golden Gate bridge from your kitchen.This house is in Belvedere, California and was designed to give as many perfect bay views as possible like the ones seen out of the master bedroom’s wall of windows facing the water.
This modern home was oriented to showcase the fact that it sits on a perfect view spot with approximately 220 feet of shoreline. The home is on 1.2 acres of land and the home itself has 7,900 square feet of interior space with five bedrooms. There is also a separate two-bedroom guest house. The use of warm wood with spare clean lines provides a calming effect and skylights flood the home with light. This home is listed at $28.5 million.(from Luxist)

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  1. Wow!!!I love this house,willing to sell soul and body to wake up there every morning. I hope you don't mind Ive copied the pictures to post on my blog and will def put a link back to your post. I love your blog! 🙂 bye!

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