Pitt Stop in Santa Barbara (Day 4)

The night before I left San Francisco, I got a call from Comedian Deon Cole inviting me to see a film he was going to be in. This film was being viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. I never been to this town before and since it was on the way back to Los Angeles, I had time to stop. I missed half the film due to travel but the part I saw, I was moved by.

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy is a documentary about the spectacular rise and tragic fall of Chicago’s first Black-owned comedy club, All Jokes Aside. For More Info Click Here

I would like to thank Raymond C. Lambert and his Lovely Wife, and Deon Cole for their hospitality and inviting us to an event like this. Santa Barbara is a beautiful city and a Great end to a Great weekend.



At Brea with Stefana Barcelo
Joseph Carne Estrada, Me, Terquoise Gwyn, Netty Chow, and a couple of killers and dealers. LOL

“The Date”

“The Date”

written and directed by “Owen Smith”

From the Brilliant Mind of Owen Smith. For those of you who don’t know, Owen Smith is FUNNY as FUCK. I’m sorry there is no other way to put it. A very good friend of mind, He writes great stuff and direct great stuff. You don’t believe me, check out his website Owen Smith Live

Thai Rivera Brea Improv 7-7-2010

Thai Rivera, Byron Bowers, Jarrod Harris, Nick Cervantes

This is hands down one of the BEST SHOWS that Ive been on. The synergy was amazing the line up was great. The sold out audience had fun and We Rocked

.Brea Improv, Thai Rivera, Jarrod Harris, Nick Cervantes, Byron Bowers From Left to Right (Nick Cervantez, Byron Bowers, Thai Rivera, Jarrod Harris) I think Thai is squeezing my ass!

Stress “FREE” Tuesday 7-6-2010

The best up-and-coming comedians come to San Diego every Tuesday night, hosted by Yours Truly. Here’s the chance to see who’s next in comedy. Me and The Best Ent (Dania Scott, Brandi Charnille White)
Byron Bowers, The Best Ent, Stress Free Tuesday Megan Denley Wilson,Brandi Charnille White and I

Body Shop Strip Club….I mean Strip Lounge

The reason I never been to the strip club in L.A. up to this point is because I’m from Atlanta, GA (STRIP CLUB CAPITAL OF THE WORLD) and I don’t want to compare and judge. Then after the show at the Hollywood Improv Friday night and I am shaking hands and some new fans are like lets go somewhere else, so we ended up at the strip club. We go to this club called the Body Shop off Sunset in Hollywood. Strip clubs are suppose to have fast music and ass should be popping and shaking everywhere. We walk in and the music is slow and classical, Im like “its awfully romantic in here.” It was half naked chicks sitting on dudes laps talking about iphone application. Im thinking “STRIP CLUB ITS MORE LIKE A STRIP LOUNGE.” A waitress popped up and said that it was a two item drink minimum and there is NO alcoholic beverages was being served. WHAT TYPE OF STRIP CLUB DONT SELL ALCOHOL, WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?…..L MUTHAF#CKIN A. So of course I ask for some Sizzurp (which is Promethazine w/Codeine,Original Sprite Soda,Jolly rancher candy) because its non alcoholic. Of course they dont have sizzurp. “Well let me get two Cokes, then.” The strippers bodies looked normal, matter of fact, I couldn’t tell who was a stripper and who was a chick coming to get a tan under these weird red lights. In the land of fake titties most of these chick here were saving up for a pair. I seen one stripper with no ass her thong was swinging side to side like a pendulum..LOL. I was on twitter the whole time…..here are some of my tweets from there

The dances at this strip are elegant. Its like a naked ballet. Its literally the Nutcracker……

Why does the strippers here have lil purses in their hands. Fake Louis and titties. Swap Meet titties

The BodyShop strip club is the cleanest strip club evr. U can eat off da strippers. WHACK!