Death of a Leather Belt / Rise of Murillo Leather Goods

NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!, My f#cking belt broke.

This belt has sentimental value, not because I stole it from my favorite rapper, but because I used to get whipped with belt when I was younger. Yep, the infamous “Go Get My Belt” Belt. This is the belt that kept me out of jail that mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on my waist in high school, college, every trip Ive been on.
This strap was over 30 years old, bought at the GAP for $8 on sale.

AND GUESS WHAT? They dont even make great leather belts for reasonable prices no more. Nowadays belts last for 10 wears, then it snaps on you in the ost embarrassing places, like after you take a sh#t in a public restroom.

THE HUNT WAS ON for another belt. I seen a bunch of great belts in the price range of $70 and up, but they had too many designs embroided in them. Nothing for the subtle belt wearer, especially since Im wearing buckles with subtle designs. I hit the cowboy stores, wilson leather and got nothing. Then I went to a vintage clothing store and got very close in the used belts department, but no cigar.

FINALLY, I hit the web for local places in L.A. Then one place kept coming up that look like a little cheap stand. IMG_0696 I over looked it the first time but after the third time I read the reviews. Genuine, Leather, CUSTOM. So I decided to go down to Chinatown in Downtown LA.

Murillo Leather Goods
W-6 Olvera St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Neighborhood: Chinatown
(213) 309-2255

I met the owner Mando, who doesn’t just sale leather, he crafts leather from belts to purses, shoes, hats, and bracelets. (He is too busy to look up.)









I searched his shop and stumble upon a dark brown leather strap made from BUFFALO hide.


THE NEW BUFFALO STRAP is 10 oz and the old one was 8 oz. The belt is full treated so I will not have to ever re-oil this.





It took 5 minutes to quickly fit me, and craft the belt to fit my my waist, but I spent an hour at the store getting to know him. He even put brass rivets in my buckle instead of those chrome shiny ones. Mando is a very solid human being and is great at what he do and EVEN unstitched my black belt so I could switch buckles that one also. I also bought two leather bracelets to go with my belts. Oh yeah and he only charges $$$$FORTY DOLLARS$$$ a belt. Im using him for all my leather needs and I recommend you do too!!!

One Reply to “Death of a Leather Belt / Rise of Murillo Leather Goods”

  1. AMAZING!!!! From the way he crafts beautiful pieces to the way your described and photographed his work. Very nice!!!

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