Shock Treatment!!!! – 944 Rear Shocks Replacement

Now its time to replace the back shocks, I got all the tools needed below. Not shown is a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer. YOU ALWAYS NEED A FLATHEAD AND A HAMMER.

1. Loosen the bottom bolts before you jack the car. I used the handle from the jack to add more force to the wrench.
2. Jack the car.
3. Loosen the top bolts.
4. Remove the shock.
5. Replace the shock. Use hammer when necessary to beat the new shock in, LOL. My new shocks was 2mm wider.







One Reply to “Shock Treatment!!!! – 944 Rear Shocks Replacement”

  1. Shawty how u not gonna take a pic of the new shocks..or at least post a website pic for us to see how it looks…

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