“Gay ass Picture” Pun Intended

homosexual, homo, hate, prejudice, in justice

This picture is funny ass hell I ran across it on FaceBook. I dont know who should be more embarrassed. The christian who hate Gays so much that he made not 1, but 2 beautiful signs. One has “Dot Com” on the bottom, LOL. Or the guy with the F*uck this Guy sign in the little league football pants. I’m offended by all of it.

4 Replies to ““Gay ass Picture” Pun Intended”

  1. That is the most interesting and funny photo. Plus all of this in front of a church……

  2. this was taken on duval street in key west, the god hates fags guy is sponsered by a church in ks. I know the guy personally. He IS GAY I REPEAT IS GAY

  3. I dont know why that man hates gay because my best friend is gay and it’s hard enough for him by everyone teasing hime.

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