A Time to Remember

Look at this beauty. If you follow my blog you know its a couple of things that I like, Cars and Watches. So I love when a car maker manufactures a watch. Check this out, this is some Byron Bowers shit. BRM V12-T-44 Abarth Chronograph

The timepiece is crafted by none other than Bernard Richards Manufacturer, a watchmaking genius already known in motor racing circles for their inspiration from automobiles. To top the racing-themed design of the stock V12-T-44 chronograph, BRM has further differentiated the Abarth special edition. Only 49 examples will be made available exclusively from BRM’s website, making this timepiece considerably more exclusive than the cars its made to accompany. Lets go out and get one, its only $7,300 but we can talk them down if we buy more than one.

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