Valley Nights Tour

Fun week in Texas, first shout out to Valley Comedy Tour, Real Nice Records, and DeLeon Roars. They told me the first show was at Tammyu, which I thought was some Ghetto Chick’s house, but luckily its T.A.M.I.U. (Texas A&M International University). The show was moved from a conference room to the GYM. We get tho the GYM, its a volleyball game going on and the show was suppose to start immediately following the game. Now the game was suppose to last another 30min but the Lady Dust Devils got their ass whipped. So soon as the game ended everybody over 23 got up left, leaving a bunch of freshman. I get up and started performing, iced up and bandage female zombies started creeping out of the locker room and breaking down the volleyball net and stands while Im on stage.(Im sorry I mean, the court) All this chaos going on behind me, I wouldn’t be surprise if somebody would have walked in while I was performing and started shooting free-throws, then when I told him he was interrupted me, he said “Interrupting me…..nigga you’re telling jokes in a Gym, Im working on my free throws, because I have a better chance of making it than you at this point. Now keep those punchlines coming, keep your elbows in, and bend your knees.” Overall it was a good show and great experience.

McAllen TX what great as usual. Great Accommodations, Beautiful people and Great Venue. They had my name on the Marquee. This is one of the first cities that had my name on a marquee this size. I am grateful for this because I fell like I accomplishing something. I will never forget this place. Live On Cine Del Ray.

Now this Marquee on the other hand, humbles the shit out of you. Bring yo back to reality so to speak. I don’t even have to describe how this show went do I…..”FABULOUS” it was in a Mexican owned IRISH PUB. I never imagined no shit like that before. They had quesadillas with potatoes in it. The food was great also.

Here s a couple driving down the street….
“Who’s performing?”
“I don’t know, but I want a beer all of a sudden.”
“Fuck comedy, lets get drunk and talk about this recession.”

My favorite part of TX is this place….San Padre or South Padre (Island, Gulf of Mexico)

It has a Miami feel to it. Im at an fine outside dining establishment and I saw a couple walking on the beach with masked on. WTF, I find out that its red tide. Immediately I started coughing and and spiting. Everybody was coughing and eating their shrimp, coughing and eating their fish, and coughing and drinking the Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc with straws. It was a beautiful day though.

I decided to do some exploring, there is a lot of beach property to go around on this island, but I want it to myself. Sorry.

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