Handsome Rambler w/ Hannibal Buress

This episode was recorded July 5th in Chicago. We had lots of musical toys around us. I joined Hannibal Buress and Tony Trimm as we talked psychedelics and God. We also got into the Spider-Man premiere, Essence Fest, and a bunch of other shit. It was a good weird time.

4:10 – Catch Up Episode
9:00 – Theremin Talk
13:22 – Musician Byron
15:45 – Recent Travels/Mushrooms
24:40 – Desert Jackin’ Off/Swimming
30:55 – Acid Scuba
33:10 – Acid Japan
36:25 – Make Left Turn
42:50 – Spider-Man Appearance
51:10 – Nephew Letter
52:40 – Essence Fest
56:20 – Hannibal Flippin’ Houses
59:54 – 4:44
1:04:45 – Voiceover Movies/Lego
1:09:38 – Bring It Home

Run a Way

Something about this view is so freeing. Everytime I see the run way I smile because I know I’m about to go 200mph and float off into the sky.    Now once we reach the sky I think of crashing. Until we reach cruising altitude. Haha

Jokers and Aces

The flyer for tonight’s show. Called Jokers and Aces feat Justin Willman whose a very funny MAGICIAN!  If you in he LA area come out. 

Petaluma California 

I never knew this place was so pretty, makes me want to explore this whole state more. These views are just from outside the hotel. 


This is a gorgeous shot I took from a plane heading to Northern California. This is just south of SanFrancisco and appears to look like fish farms.