Guess who Played Dress Up!!

One of the photos released from a fun day hanging with the talented Sharaon Alagna. Click on the name for website Sharaon Alagna. Look how little my gold chain is LOL!!! More to Come!!!


Owning a Piece of Time: Stauer 1930

This was a giving to me from a friend who moved back to GA. I wear it with honor.



Watch This

These are some watches that are hot. I plann on geting at least one of these or four fake ones.

We all heard of Breitling by Bentley Motors, if not youre not a Byron Bowers fan. Very good watch company.

All the new watches are going toward this style. Im fan of the sleek design and lines of this timepiece.

I like the rugged style of this watch. Most importantly it is a skeleton watch.(Meaning you can see the inner workings). Im a big fan of Automatic (Kinetic) watches and if I have my choice these will be the watches I get from now on.

I am a big fan of this watch, this is the next one I want because the boldness of this watch. I first saw this watch in Hawaii and it made an impression on me. You better get it before me.