Another Speak & Be Heard in Studio Pic

Photo from Speak & Be Heard. Speak & Be Heard is a radio talk that cover diverse social issues, and pair it with thought provoking spoken word and music. This week’s show was on Black on Black Crime, Interracial Adoption, and Should Black History Month should be done away with and Blacks be included in American History. You can catch them on the website live stream

Pitt Stop in Santa Barbara (Day 4)

The night before I left San Francisco, I got a call from Comedian Deon Cole inviting me to see a film he was going to be in. This film was being viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. I never been to this town before and since it was on the way back to Los Angeles, I had time to stop. I missed half the film due to travel but the part I saw, I was moved by.

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy is a documentary about the spectacular rise and tragic fall of Chicago’s first Black-owned comedy club, All Jokes Aside. For More Info Click Here

I would like to thank Raymond C. Lambert and his Lovely Wife, and Deon Cole for their hospitality and inviting us to an event like this. Santa Barbara is a beautiful city and a Great end to a Great weekend.



At Brea with Stefana Barcelo
Joseph Carne Estrada, Me, Terquoise Gwyn, Netty Chow, and a couple of killers and dealers. LOL