“Im Different”

Self portraits of me trying to look tough! LOL
“I’m different, yeah I’m different
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing
Middle finger up to my competition” – 2 Chainz





Junk Yard Shopping!!!

Tom me the junk yard is the thrift store for car guys and its alway a blessing when they have something in your size!!!!





Just Venting

When I turned on my heater, it was not getting that hot so I did some research and realized that I had AIR in the cooling system. There are two ways to get this air out, Manually: where yo run the car to operational temperature then you bleed the system. Another is witha a Pressure Tester(Below). It will put pressure on the system.




-Fill the coolant reservoir to between the minimum and maximum marks.
-Obtain a coolant system pressure tester and attach it to the coolant reservoir.
-If you don’t have a tester, many of the better auto parts stores will loan you one.
-Pressurize the coolant system slowly until a steady stream of coolant comes out of the vent. Do not exceed 10 psi pressure.
-Close the vent.

944 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Replacement

This is an easy fix for my car because I have no power steering.
1. I just jacked the car up.
2. Grabbed a 8″ adjustable wrench and loosen the oil pressure sending unit. Some oil dripped out, but not much because there was no oil in the car.
3. I immediately inserted the new one.

I didnt know the torque specs for the sending unit. BUT, when Reconnecting the wires to the terminals of the new sending unit I broke a F#CKING ground terminal. THANK GOD it it snapped near the middle so I still could get the terminal on by rigging the bolts. Special thanks to Clark’s Garage.




Replacing Early 944 Automatic Transmission Lines Front

This was easy, especially since I replaced the fuel lines which was a pain in the a$$. I had seepage in the lines so I decided to go ahead and replace them since I had the car in the air.

1. Using a 19mm wrench, unscrew lines from radiator. You can unscrew the top bolt from the top and the bottom one from under the car. Have a rag or bucket for the transmission fluid that’s going to leak. Be sure not to damage washers. Replace if needed.
2. Pry the clamps of the hoses near the motor side. I used a hammer and a precision flat head screwdriver.
3. Using a razor, disconnect the metal fittings from old hose.
4. I used Hayden Cooling Transmission hose cooling kit from Pep Boys. Pic Below.
5. Clamp on the new hose to fittings
6. Screw fittings back into the radiator.
7. Clamp back on to the motor.
8. Turn car on and check transmission fluid.