Narcissistic Wit It

Some people worry what the future look like. I say you’re looking at hi”m. I AM

“I AM” is such a powerful statement because it make the pretense now. There is no “I will,” that’s not having what you want. “I AM” subliminally lets others know that you have it already. You live and breathe it.

Sometimes we need to take time out to reflect to build our own self-confidence and self love. Replenish our spirit that’s with-in us all. We are all powerful and unique. Some just have taken the time to bring it out of themselves. Think of all the good things you have accomplished and ways you have helped people. Be thankful….

A True Fan


Its rare that someone asks you to sign their breast but when they do some questions come to mind.

1.What if Master catches us?.
2.What to write….Property of Byron Bowers………Sign my name

So I just signed my name and wrote a tweet on her teet. What am I doing right now twitter? Becoming the Greatest Comedian in the WORLD. And made it long enough to reach the top of the areola.ByronBowersLive

Thanks Kimbalibra

“And I¬†Quote”

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he’s sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That’s exactly what the majority of men do.” Napoleon Hill

This is exactly how the first 24yrs of my life was. I was quitter and I didn’t realize it until I finished something. It was college, that was the hardest thing I ever completed to date. Grammar and high school was easy to me I did not have to go to class or study. Those bad habits carried on to the next level, which made it very difficult for me. Its funny how that works because nothing became constant in my life until that was over. I was the first from my family to ever finish education on that level before. It took 7 years, on and off. Honestly I showed up to college unaware and not many people at the time around me I could go to for help because they never been in that type of system before. Sticking to a task to the end gives you an unimaginable sense of swag, confidence in your self, and faith out of this world. What are some things you have quit before?

Famous Falls that I like

First, this is for all my GANGSTA’S out there with treadmills, make sure they are turned off before you try to C Walk on that shit. LOL..the flip flops got the fuck on. Then he tried to play it off and fell back on the machine and did a roll tuck. LOL

My Favorite Car

As you all know or may not, the Porsche is my favorite car, and yes I have driven a couple. The design and style is not too much. I love the curves on this whip because, they remind me of the curves on a woman. This car is sexy and I got my eyes on this one for sure. Some of you would opt for a FERRARI but watch what happens when a Ferrari meets a 996 GT2 on the streets. Ha. Whats you dream car?