Governor Awards

I was able to get a last minute ticket for this exclusive event called the Governor Awards. Luckily I had a TUX on hand. So we got dolled up. The Governors Awards is an award ceremony hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that give out three awards that signify lifetime achievement within the film industry. SO basically oscars for those who might not have received one in their career.  Im a rookie to the part of the game so its good to see and sit amongst the elite.  Some of these folks are so down to earth its amazing.

BTS Punchline Sacramento

My before my first show in Sac I was approach by the house photographer Nick Larson about doing some pictures for the Punchline Comedy Club to hang on their wall. These were some of pictures that came out of that session. I was on the elliptical at the time. HAHA

Honey Boy Poster

Check out this dope poster that you can flip upside down to reveal another expression!!! Hope y’all get a chance to see the film!

Free the Work

I had a chance to go to this AMAZING laugh of a new initiative called Free the Work which started as Free the Bid, an initiative advocating on behalf of women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global advertising industry.  Ive watch this initiative expand to 20 different countries over the past 3 years and involve into its new identity. FREE THE WORK is now a curated talent-discovery platform for underrepresented creators PERIOD.  Check it out..Free the Work.

More Screenings

This top picture was from the Queen and Slim screening at The Underground Museum and the bottom pic was from a Honey Boy Screening in Los Angeles! Both of these films are dope as f#ck so make sure you check them out!


Portrait Photo

I think this is a dope photo…..I just don’t remember who took it.  But they caught me at a very interring moment.

British Film Institute: BFI Fest

BFI is one of the biggest film festivals in the world.  The press run was crazy and the red carpet was also dope.  Below is some of the pics from the red carpets.  The first picks with the green background were done by Gareth Cattermole from gettyimages and the rest was done by various outlets. This was my second time being able to attend the BFI film festival in London.  It was an intense week or so but I got a chance to attend the soho district as well as the Extinction Protest that was going there at the time.